Someone crazy bastard shot up the Old Timers party ….

Shooting at block party leaves 11 injured, one dead

A “brazen” lone gunman opened fire at a massive Brownsville, Brooklyn, block party on Saturday night, leaving a 38-year-old man dead and 11 others injured, law enforcement sources told The Post.

The gunfire erupted just before 11 p.m. as the annual two-day “Old Timers Day” party was ending and thousands of attendees were leaving, the sources said.

Whatever happen to taking it outside and settling it by throwing hands or even a baseball bat?? Now a days, even the smallest dude in the crowd is as big or bigger if he is packing.

Someone accidentally steps on some fools bro-gans and out come the pistols. Some innocent dude looks at some fools broad, out come the pistols. It doesn’t take much to get yourself shot or killed these days. It is a common as a person going to the corner deli to get and corn-beef and sandwich.

I say, no-one BUTT the cops and the military should have guns. Always the BIG BUTT, unfortunately it is the bad asses hoodlums and gangsters that are the problem, not Joe Citizen who carries a heater for protection.

Gun violence is a problem that will never be corrected or eliminated. We live in a savage country and it is becoming more violent.

Now I sound like PDT. Only savages behave in the manner these pistol happy fools do.

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