CHC buried herself …

West Virginia governor on state’s economic boom: ‘Thankful’ coal miners put Hillary Clinton ‘out of business’

There were many mistakes the CHC Camp made that caused her the election.

# 1 and most significant, was her arrogance and over-confidence. When someone is over confident and arrogant, they have a tendency to talk too much and say the wrong things. # 2 and most significant, was her arrogance and over-confidence. So goes CHC.

Arrogance or stupidity?? Probably both. This is one of her biggest faux pas:

Clinton famously vowed in 2016 to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” through policies geared toward new energy sources. She lost every county in the state to Trump after drawing the ire of coal miners and the state led the nation in GDP growth and personal income growth in the first quarter of 2019.

A comment she soon regretted and made an apology, BUTT the damage was done. That hate-filled statement could have cost her a seat in The Big Chair. CHC forgot the rule of decency; never forget the hand that feeds you.

That just goes to show the hypocrisy of politics. The democratic party is supposed to be for the unions and the workingman, BUTT with CHC telling the mine workers she was going to put them out of business, that alone tells you where they are coming from. They are all paid up members of the Political Ponzi scheme.

Political Ponzi scheme definition: Sell the public any kind of bullshit they can conjure up, and any lie they can think of just for the vote. Once they are seated, they all get a case of amnesia.

To my recollection, PDT is the first president that has given an all out effort to come across with his campaign promises. If the Ponzi scheme members would get out if his way or just co-operate, he could do wonders.

Let us put aside anything that Trump did or may have done when he was a civilian and focus on what he is doing now. If anything is that egregious, he can be prosecuted after he leaves office in 2024.

CHC, the governor of WVA thanks you, the wise American people thank you and I think you for letting your arrogance get the best of you.

I give you a standing ovation for your blunders.


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