No worry Junior, daddy got your spoiled ass covered …

Father pleads guilty to paying $250,000 to get son into college as fake volleyball recruit

What is the primary obligation of a GOOD parent? To teach their kids how to become honest, stand-up, productive citizens of the world. I would concluded that all of the PAY-OFF-PARENTS failed miserably.

This character is a poster boy for a failed parents.

A California entrepreneur pleaded guilty Wednesday to paying $250,000 to get his son into to the University of Southern California as a fake volleyball recruit. Jeffrey Bizzack, of Solana Beach, California, was the 51st person to be charged in a sweeping scheme that involved rigging test scores and bribing coaches to get students into elite schools, including GeorgetownStanford and Yale

Bizzack, 59, is the 23rd defendant to plead guilty, while the others are fighting their charges.

Bizzack entered the plea to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud in Boston’s federal court. As part of a plea deal with Bizzack, prosecutors are recommending nine months in prison, a $75,000 fine and other restitution to be decided during sentencing.

Parents like Bizzack do not understand that LITTLE JOHNNY AND LITTLE JANIE have to eat liver once and awhile so they can see what the other half lives like. If all the brats ever eat was surf & turf, they are getting the wrong message. When their back is against a wall in a critical situation, daddy and mommy are not there to pick them up, they will be up Shits Creek without a paddle.

I know that the Affluenza Kid is an extreme example, BUTT he is the end result of being extremely spoiled.

Ethan Couch, ‘Affluenza Teen’ Who Killed 4 While Driving Drunk, Is …

Apr 2, 2018 – Ethan Couch, whose trial for killing four people while driving drunk sparked widespread conversations about the privilege of being raised …

Folks, life is tough out there and getting tougher every day. Unless kids eat some liver once and awhile, and learn that life is not a fantasy land, they are being destroyed. I don’t blame the kids for their actions to a certain extent, I blame the ignorant parents.

Fake volley ball recruit. Bizzard should be ashamed of himself. He will have 9 month is prison to see what kind of a piss poor parent he is/was.

Do your kids a favor and put a little liver on their plates once and awhile so they will see, life is not a bowl of cherries.

One of my pet philosophies of life is; WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO TAKE A PUNCH MORE THEN HOW WE GIVE ONE.

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