Do as I say, not as I do …..

Bernie Sanders runs into socialist reality

Indian say; man speak with forked tongue.

While Bernie is bad rapping the shit out of the wealthy, he does not miss a meal at the Super Supper Table. Some say he is worth 1 million while others put him at 2.5 million. I say a hell of a lot more. Not bad for a guy that hates rich folks.

That is OK to be loaded, it is every-ones dream, BUTT why the hell bash the people you represent.

On top of that, the guy that supposedly sticks his neck out for the working man and supports unions, he is paying his help much less than he should be.

The Sanders campaign workers union, United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400, complained that field organizers are “making poverty wages” and that “many field staffers are barely managing to survive financially.”

Because field organizers are working 60 hours a week, according to the union, their annual salary of $36,000 works out to $13 an hour — well below the $15-an-hour federal minimum wage Sanders has called for.

People like The Burn have to practice what they preach or it takes their credibility away, that is if they had any in the 1st place.

The following are The Burns platform:

Health Care for All

College for All

Cancel All Student Debt

Fight for Working Families

Jobs for All

Right to a Secure Retirement

Combat Climate Change

Pass a Green New Deal

Meet Our Commitment To Our Veterans

Enact A Responsible, Comprehensive Foreign Policy

Fight for Women’s Rights

Fight for Disability Rights

Fight for LGBTQ

EqualityEmpower the People of Puerto Rico

Demand that the Wealthy, Large Corporations and Wall Street Pay their Fair Share in Taxes

Gun Safety

Criminal Justice Reform

Racial Justice

Immigration Reform

Empower Tribal Nations

Real Wall Street Reform

Fight For Fair Trade and WorkersReinvest in Public Education Teachers

Get Big Money Out of Politics

Restore DemocracyFair Banking for Al

lRevitalizing Rural America

To me that is a very big WOW!! The Burn is going to be one busy fella if he gets the nod (FAT CHANCE). Never once mentioning how he intends to pay for all the free-bees.

Just like most politicians, The Burn is not living in the real world. To start with, anyone that is so concerned about the working man getting a fair shake, I would assume that he would treat and pay the people that work for him fairly. We see he doesn’t.

Naturally he is going to deny any knowledge of the workers getting shafted. Bullshitting, POLITICS 101, is the first course they teach all people that are running for political office. They all do it with a straight face.

BUTT like the majority of the political parasites, they talk a good line of bullshit, make promises they can not and will not fulfill if they get elected.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-9.jpg

So goes politics in the US of A!!

I think The Burn forgot to list a new Rolls for each and every citizen, plus illegal immigrant. GMAFB

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