Just another dangling pork chop ..

Tlaib calls for $20-an-hour minimum wage: ‘I can’t allow people to be living off tips’


Frauds like Tabby will say or do anything to scrounge up a vote from some very gullible voters. They love dangling a pork chop in front of a starving dog.

Anyone with 1/10 of a brain knows what happens when wages increase dramatically. The cost is shifted back to the consumer. Not just to cover the pay increase, BUTT they tack on another 50% or more and blame it on the raise. Before we know it, a bag of potato chips that once cost .50 now cost a dollar and the bag is half full.

The Hit Squad and their supporters do not want to be reasonable with their platforms, they are extreme and NEVER have the answer as to how to fund them.

When Occasio was AXED how she expected to fund her some of her preposterous proposals, her answer was, we will find a way.

GMAFB girl!!

That is one of the major downfalls of the government, spending money they do not have. It is very easy, they just keep printing more.

I call it sticking their heads in their ass.


Do any of these fools ever look at or are they ever concerned with the National Debt?? NEVER.

Anyone that can view this and not get sick to their stomach is not normal. Click and get sick.


PEOPLE, at some point in time, this score has to be settled. Living recklessly and trying to avoid the Nation Debt is extremely dangerous .

As of July 1, 2019, the official debt of the United States government is $22.0 trillion ($22,023,127,457,029).[1]This amounts to:

  • $66,907 for every person living in the U.S.[2]
  • $172,614 for every household in the U.S.[3]
  • 105% of the U.S. economy.[4]
  • 6.2 times annual federal revenues.[5]
  • 40% more than the combined consumer debt of every household in the U.S.[6]

Do these numbers move anyone one either side of the isle?? I have not heard any politician mention the National Debt in years.

I was taught at a very young age, never borrow money from anyone. If we are forced to, pay it back immediately.

As much as a person doesn’t want to admit they are ugly, it is impossible to deny the facts. Just look in the mirror. As much as the politicians want to hide the fact or ignore that the USA is up to its neck in an financial alligator pit, that fact can not be denied.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what do we have?? Some hotshot fools like The Hit Squad and a many others who want to raise the National Debt even higher than it already is by their bullshit pipe fantasies.

Folks; it is like the fools with enormous credit card debt and can not get it under control. They are too weak/stupid and pathetic to know, sooner or later the debt has to be paid or they will go into bankruptcy. So goes the USA. Sooner or later the National Debt has to be settle, either with GREEN BACKS or BATTLE SHIPS.

China built this aircraft carries specifically to come across the pond and collect its debt at the right time.

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3 Responses to Just another dangling pork chop ..

  1. JCscuba says:

    Brilliant as usual, Thanks, J.C.

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