It is about time …..

Trump administration to propose rule that would cut 3.1 million people from food stamp program:

It is about time that the people who receive food stamps that DO NOT need them are taken off of the programs. It will save the USA 2.1 billion a year.

That premise should be applied to all social programs.

One of many things that bothers me about the government. Where does all of the $oldi go that supposedly is saved (doesn’t happen too often) by the government?

If we could physically see, they took that saved $oldi and put it directly into an area that needed assistance, that would make me fee better. BUTT, for the most part, all of the SAVED funds seems to do a Houdini act and disappears.

I am the 1st one that wants to give the people that truly need assistance a helping hand. BUTT I am dead against aiding and abetting the thieves that have been stealing from the programs for generations because they refuse to work. That is breaking the law and should be considered theft.


Welfare fraud is the act of improperly stating or withholding information in order to receive higher payments. Most welfare programs’ eligibility is handled on a local level and detecting fraud is also the responsibility of the state. The United States Government Accountability Office estimates fraudulent or improperly filed charges account for 1 out of 10 payments.

Through the years, the systems have become so huge and out of control that they are almost impossible to police. BUTT we have to start somewhere.

Start by saving pennies and the dollars will come.

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