That is the way it should be ….

My immigration story is also a story of assimilation. It’s personal, but also universal.

Saritha Prabhu, Opinion contributor



For anyone with common-sense, this should be a very simple question with a very easy answer. COMMON-SENSE being the key word.

I am going to put this in very simple terms, so even The Hit Squad, with their minuscule pea size brains can understand it.

If you have house guests that constantly complain about everything you do or everything you say; they don’t like your taste in furniture, your TV is too small, they hate your cooking, they tell you to clean your house, they don’t like your spouse or kids, what would you tell them to do?? GTFO is what I would say.

Should I be a racist if I told someone, if they didn’t like my style of living in my own house, to get out?? I think even a 2nd graders is smart enough to give the right answer. I don’t give a shit what color, religion, national origin a person is, if they do not like the way I run my own house, GTFO.

Folks; we have to understand The Squad and their motives. They are not contributing ANYTHING to make this country a better place to live. They are trying to revolutionize/destroy it, by turning it into a socialist country to enrich themselves ONLY. Political Ponzi Scheme at its finest.


The supporters (blind sheep) of this movement are to greedy, stubborn, gullible, too ignorant or cut from the same cloth as the anti-Americans revolutionaries.

Look at their mission closely. The only conclusion can be, they are out to destroy the USA.

What do the Socialists believe in?

Socialism is an economic theory of social organization that believes that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the community as a whole.

That is what they want you to believe. In the long run, only the people at the top of the pyramid are the profiteers.

Saritha Prabhu should be an example of what an immigrant’s mindset should be, assimilation. They are guest in our house. We did not AXE them to come here. When Americans migrate to other countries, they MUST assimilate to their way of life.

Let us use France as an example:


You can apply to become a naturalised French citizen if you have:

  • have been living in France for five continuous years (less under certain circumstances, such as having studied in a French university for two years, contributing to the “radiance” of France, or possessing an “exceptional course of integration” in civic action, science, economics, culture or sports, in which case it’s two years);
  • can prove that you have integrated into the French community by speaking French and having a knowledge of French culture and society and the rights and duties of French citizens.

Cut and dry; the immigration laws in the USA are too lenient, antiquated and need to be changed. Will that ever happen?? Who knows. It all depends (doubtful) if the politicians will get off of their dead ass and do something constructive, instead of chasing The Trump Ghost.

Although, the USA is one of the better places on the planet to live, there is a lot to be desired. The constitution that governs this country needs a severe overhaul. The law breakers are using the antiquated, (at one time well intended) regulations that were written 200 years ago to work against the government.

If France can enforce their requirements for citizenship, why can’t the USA?? Why, because the politicians are too concerned with their personal/pet projects instead of taking care of the business at hand. They all want to be the hero; THE ONE TO TAKE TRUMP DOWN.

Is it possible that The Donald wandered off the straight and narrow path many times in his life?? Absolutely yes. Soooooooooo!! Any billionaire that tells you they haven’t crossed the line in some fashion, is a bullshitter. I would bet that even the squeaking clean Bill Gates has a few secrets.

I am not interested in what Trump did in a bar 20 years ago, when he was sewing his oats. He did not commit any capitol offense. All I am concerned with, what he is doing for the country now and in the future.

There has been possibly billions of dollar$ and countless hours spent on trying to take PDT to the gallows. All they have to show for it are empty accusation and hot air. Could that time and money be put to better uses by trying to correct some of the social problems that plague the USA?? Only a fool could disagree.

My hat is off to Saritha Prabhu for her shining example of what immigration to the USA should be all about.


No, Trump did not make me say that.

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  1. JCscuba says:

    How about plan C? Neither. J.C.

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