From Fox News – Mom misdiagnosed with cancer underwent chemotherapy, mastectomy, lawyers claim

Mom misdiagnosed with cancer underwent chemotherapy, mastectomy, lawyers claim

It is very unfortunate, in many cases the first consideration on the medical community’s list is the almighty dollar/the bottom line.

This lady it’s not the first one to go under the knife just for a fee.

A Person has to be a cold hearted son of a bitch to operate on someone just so they can ring up the cash register. It happens every day with more and more frequency.

They should be ashamed of themselves, BUTT they are not.

It is the dollar first, and then maybe the well being of the patient.

I have personally seen it happen many times.

Much of the medical community has turned into big business and forgot what’s the Hippocratic oath was all about. Guess that’s why it is called hypocrite.

What’s this case of matter of misdiagnosis or deliberate??

I hope it she gets a bundle in her lawsuit. But that does not ease the pain and suffering she went through.

I hate to know the real truth duration

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