Off the deep end …

City to ban gendered language like “manhole,” “manpower” and “firemen”

Can we assume it is safe to say that Berkley has gone off the deep end with their radical PC-ness??

The city of Berkeley, California, is banning some commonly used words in favor of more gender-neutral alternatives. “Manhole” and other gender-specific language will be eliminated from the municipal code.

I have to wonder; since they think the word manhole is offensive, what do they think about the word ass-hole; a common word that fits all who approved of this insanity. It fits them to a “T”.

The depths of ignorance incorporated in their PC movement is off the charts. They are way beyond explanation, understanding or reason.

The ordinance includes a list of gendered terms in existing city code and the new gender-neutral terms that can be used to replace them.

“Bondsman” will now be “bonds-person,” “firemen” and “firewomen” will now both be referred to as “firefighters,” and “manpower” will be replaced with “human effort” or “workforce.” Sororities and fraternities will now go by “Collegiate Greek system residence” and a pregnant woman will be referred to as a “pregnant employee.”



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