Who started the shit fight …..

Wasn’t it that nasty socialist-congresswomen Tlaib that called PDT a mother-fucker?? Who threw the first stone??


If I am not mistaken, her young son was at the press conference where she demonstrated her true COLORS.

Now this hate filled creature:

New congresswoman not apologizing for cursing out Trump in call for …
Jan 4, 2019 – WATCH Trump responds to congresswoman who cursed him out in call for … Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria …Rashida Tlaib’s profanity about Trump is wrong — it harms the …

https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/rashida-tlaibs-slur-about-trump-is-wrong-it-harms-d…Jan 5, 2019 – Ilhan Omar prompts new rule that allows, for the first time in 181 years, head … Commentator Kirsten Powers pointed out that Tlaib’s comment was made at a … to the extent cursingand incivility works for Donald Trump, it is …

And the others on the HIT SQUAD have not been too kind to the president either.

What do these fools expect from the man?? They want him to lay down in the street while they beat him with ball bats? When he gets pissed off and defends himself, they all of a sudden get sanctified.

Now the new media, including Fox is kissing their ass, referring to them as THE PROGRESSIVE congresswomen. They are nothing but a group of radical socialists that are out to destroy the USA.

How can anyone come away with the conclusion that; if you don’t like it here, leave, as a racist comment. It means exactly was it was intended to mean. If you don’t like the movie, get up and get your bonnet.

Now, (excuse my English) if Trump called them, a Spick – Nigger or Camel Jockey, then they would have a case. I hate using those very offensive words, BUTT they served a purpose.

These broads are making a mountain out of a mole hill, deliberately antagonizing PDT because they know he will fire back big time. Then they put on their halo and act humble and abused. These are hard-hitting nasty women and need to be dealt with accordingly. They pray on the sympathy of the weak and easily swayed sheep. .

All of this – I say all of this – I say all of this – in one way or another stems from Trump kicking CHC ass in the election. Anyone that does not believe that is an ignominious.

These four member of the HIT SQUAD are a disgrace to this country. If they don’t like it here, they should leave.

I find it completely acceptable to make change in government FOR THE BETTER; BUTT when through history, the changes have been proven to be detrimental in many way, it is time to put on the brakes and oppose them. That is exactly what PDT is doing. When he says The Hit Squad hates America, he is not far from the truth.

Why would anyone with good intentions try to dismantle our political system and turn it into socialism, except for their own person gains!!

Remember THE, POLITICAL PONZI SCHEME. Only the ones on top are the winners.

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