How do we judge a person …..

Peter Navarro: President Trump continues to deliver on his promise to ‘Buy American, Hire American’

Why is it that even the best of the best that sat in THE BIG CHAIR did not put the effort into making AMERICA FIRST as PDT promised and has kept his word??

When Trump was running for office, he said he would be the best president the USA ever had. That can probably be debated to the hilt, BUTT no one can deny he is Putting America first.

I have always maintained; charity is a great thing, BUTT take are of your family first. We should not be feeding the world when many of our citizens are living below the poverty level.

How do we judge a person?? Not so much by how they act or how they look, BUTT by their integrity and their keeping commitments they made (taking care of family).

There is no doubt that PDT has some rough edges, BUTT that is who he is and how he got elected. Even the socio-democrats can not deny the $oldi most of the have made since Trump was elected. I have NOT heard one of them bitching about their 401 K and their bottom line.

One of the attributes that put me on the Trump Team, his patriotism and his love for the country. Sooooo he made billions on the way to the top; I say god bless him.

There are leaders in this world that are only interested in their own advancement$ and the do not care about the little guys. PDT is NOT one of them. He is 110% for the American people, even the fools that are trying to lynch him.

Count your blessing folks. Just think if CHC and WB were sitting on the LOVE SEAT in the Oval Office. It would be business as usual, allowing the world to use the USA as a doormat and a money pit.

I say; support PDT in every way we can. I could care less if he inadvertently brushed across some broady’s ass when he was sewing his oats.

We don’t have to go too far back to recognize some of the dead-beats that sat in The Big Chair and ONLY looked out for their own interests.

If history is fair to PDT; he just may be or come close to what he said he was going to be.

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1 Response to How do we judge a person …..

  1. JCscuba says:

    Nice balance, GO Trump

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