From Fox News – Trump stokes firestorm over ‘go back’ tweets, says Dem freshmen ‘hate’ America

Trump stokes firestorm over ‘go back’ tweets, says Dem freshmen ‘hate’ America

Let me AXE a stupid question so I can get a stupid answer. What does a person do when they go to a movie and it is so bad they can’t take it? They get up and leave. What happens when they are dining in a restaurant where the service is poor and the food is unpalatable? They get up and leave. It is called a free will.

No one has these characters handcuffed to the wall. They are free to leave anytime they want to.

I think that PDT found a very logical sound solution to their problem. Go back where they came from.


The fools that sympathies with The Fearsome Foursome are too ignorant to know; they are trying to turn America into a socialist country and it will eventually be destroyed. The sheepish sympathizing PC-ers have blinders on and do not want to see the reality of their end game.

In rides PDT on his mighty steed and tramples over anyone that tries to destroy this country. PDT is the greatest threat to their cause and they can not control him.

These four socialist rebels know that they can push PDT’s buttons and make him react in a way that is not acceptable to many of the PC-tree huggers. So what do they purposely do; BUST HIS BALLS BIG TIME.

Their assaults on PDT are only going to get worse. He should try his best to ignore them. If he does not react, they have no case.

It is very interesting; when Americans migrate to another country, which doesn’t happen too often, they are expected to assimilate to that countries way of life.

When we have immigrants come to this country, they expect us to dance to their tune.

I don’t know how many people have noticed; many of the immigrants think we should be subservient to them and must cater to them. Plain and simple, they have an attitude.

Last week I was in a major hospital and there was a Muslim lady being pushed in a wheelchair by a Muslim a man. This lady was covered from head to toe with Muslim black garb and sunglasses. There was not one inch of her body that was exposed.

If anyone could have been a bomb carrying terrorist it could have been her.

She should be expected to dress in the proper fashion that reflects the traditions of the USA, not her country.

I believe that everyone who lives in the USA should have to conform to our way of life or they should not be allowed entry into this country.

The root of the problem is; we have been too good too long to too many and now we are paying the price.

To the Fearsome Foursome; why not try to better this country instead of destroying it with your socialists ideologues.

I will unequivocally say; The Fearsome Foursome and their kind are not looking out in the best interest of the USA. They are trying to destroy it with their revolutionary actions.

To the fools/sympathizers that can not see beyond their ulterior, political Ponzi scheme; wake up and smell the napalm.

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