Just another scavenger looking for a bone …

Rudy Giuliani: New video of Trump accuser whose case was dismissed shows ‘people feel empowered to say anything they want’


“Luckily, we have the footage because some people would just believe it,” the former New York City mayor said, referring to video released this week of the encounter in question between Trump and Alva Johnson. “I think it’s because a lot of the media has created this hysteria about the president.”

Johnson is just another degenerate, scrounging opportunist trying to make a name for herself and possibly a few buck$.

Is it time to punish false accusers? | TheHill

Oct 17, 2018 – Should deliberately false reports of sexual assault be subject to the same legal … Rule-of-law advocates counter that false accusations are not …

Many times an accusation, even if it is unfounded, the long term effects can be as bad as if the act was perpetrated. That is all the more reason false accusers should be held liable for their concocted stories. Make an example out of a few of the gold diggers and possibly the parade of bull-shitting parasite will stop or at least slow down.

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