Give them enough cheap wine and razor blades ….

House Dem blasts ‘juvenile’ Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff: ‘Ignorance is beyond belief’

I have always said; where there are radical nut cases battling one another and they can not come to an agreement; put them in an fenced in area, about 20 feet high so they can not get out, give them all the cheap wine they can drink and razor blades the want, lock the gate and in two weeks there will not be a fool left standing.

Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., added to the mounting Democratic criticism of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., slamming her “inappropriate” suggestion that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is singling out the New Yorker and her “squad” of fellow freshman because of their race.

Clay reefers to Nan’s people as her squad. I call them all adolescent fools. I made the observation quite sometime back; if they were left to their own devices, they would eventually, metaphorically, politically execute one another. I see they are now well on their way.

Being a narcissistic-ego maniac is a hard affliction to live with. These supposed intelligent people on all sides of the fence are so wrapped up in themselves, they can not see the damage they are doing to their party. I say, let them have at it. Give them all the cheap wine they can drink and razor blades they want, in two weeks there will not be a fool left standing.

They must have not heard the old cliche; together we stand, divided we will fall.



If both of these combatants wanted to take their booty busting seriously, they should have taken a class in playing the dozens.


The Dozens – Wikipedia

The Dozens is a game of spoken words between two contestants, common in black communities of the United States, where participants insult and use other verbal rudeness each other until one gives up. It is customary for the Dozens to be played in front of an audience of … YO MA MA

Keep it up ladies; the fool you see looking back at you in your mirror is laughing her head off at you off-the-wall ignorance. The more divided you become, the stronger PDT gets.

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