Give Nan a big check-mark on this one ….

Pelosi calls for Acosta to step down over Epstein plea deal, hits Trump

This is the 1st issue I can remember where I agree with Nagging Nan. She is 100% right. BUTT what Nagging Nan has to be careful of; what is good for the goose will be good for the gander. A lot of her cronies, including Wild Bill are going to go down in this scandal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi late Monday called on Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to step down for what she called an “unconscionable agreement” with Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged earlier with sex trafficking in New York City federal court.

Acosta, who was a U.S. attorney in Miami back in 2008, helped Epstein secure a plea deal that resulted in an 18-month sentence. He served 13 months. The deal was criticized as lenient because he could have faced a life sentence.

The ONLY deals that should be allowed in the court of law (if any) should be for misdemeanors. I do not consider child sex-trafficking a misdemeanor.

Why did Epstein get a deal; because he is a billionaire – has friends in high places.

In the deal Epstein was allowed to work from his office six days a week. GMAFB

On the 7th day, his entire entourage would come to the jail and they would make Sunday sauce or maybe have it catered if they didn’t feel like cooking. And yes, all of the guard and the warden were invited to break pasta with them. I would call that the billionaire’s way of serving hard time.

If they check the flight log, they may find the judges name on there for the little trips to Epstein’s Sex Island.

It is going to be interesting to see if this case is going to be handled on the up-and-up. I have my doubt$$$$$.

When it comes to crimes against kids, there should be no back-door shuffling or whore deals cut, regardless of who the scumbag is and how much they have tucked away under their mattress.

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1 Response to Give Nan a big check-mark on this one ….

  1. JCscuba says:

    Apparently the fascist ho doesn’t believe in “Innocent until proven guilty?”

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