Second biggest financial mistake TMC made ….

USA TODAY: Obamacare on the ropes in federal appeals court

Obamacare comes in second as the biggest financial disaster/mistake deliberately executed while TMC was in office.

This intentional  blunder of his cost the country billions of dollars then and it’s still it’s costing us billions now.

I do not consider his achievement any success whatsoever. In order for something to be considered successful, it should not have to steal from Peter to pay Paul to get it funded. Great achievements are ideas that are conceived on their own merit and funding independently. How easy is it to take from one hand and give it to the other??  

Obama stole so much money from social security and other government departments to fund his pet project, putting them in jeopardy, just to get his name in the record book as the first president that got it done.

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TMC didn’t care what it cost, who it hurt, how he had to  manipulate the system, as long as he reached his intended goal. That he did and we know the rest of the disastrous story. 

I don’t know if there is a person on the planet with a bigger ego than TMC?? He has a lot of close contenders, BUTT they have to go some to beat him.



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