From Fox News – Kamala Harris announces $100B plan for black homeownership, tackling racial wealth gap

Kamala Harris announces $100B plan for black homeownership, tackling racial wealth gap

That’s one way to buy an election.

What would happen if some enterprising, crafty, conniving white politician came up with the same bullshit only in reverse?? They would have his ass hung before sunset

One of these days, the fools in this country will open their eyes and realize that racism is a two-way street and people like Harris only exacerbate the situation.

As long as people like Harris are allowed to roam the streets inciting unrest with the black population, this nonsense will never fizzle out.

She, like so many others are just opportunist that have no conscience, spreading any lie she can conjure up in her conniving mind, just to get a vote. She knows as sure as she is a black candidate, that pipe dream of hers could never come to fruition. All smoke and lies.

Are we supposed to believe that this black lady that lives on nob Hill, gives to shits about the little people.


Wake up America and weed out the con men. They are only there to hurt you, not to protect you. They only want to enrich themselves in the political arena.

Don’t buy into this, woman’s bulshit. She is laughing at all of you that believe her.

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3 Responses to From Fox News – Kamala Harris announces $100B plan for black homeownership, tackling racial wealth gap

  1. JCscuba says:

    Yep, pulling another one out of her well-worked ass. Drilling her way to the bottom. HA

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Last I read…

    Kamala Harris is not black or as they put it American Black

    Indian (India)

    Is her heritage

  3. bzerob says:

    Wait! Isn’t that reverse discrimination? Racial wealth gap? WTF is that? Get a job gap maybe. Get off the government handout gap. Black Homes Matter I guess!

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