The fools all bad-mouth Trump, BUTT …..

Pope Francis and Putin meet at Vatican, discuss Syria, Ukraine

There are certain relationships that are necessary even if the parties concerned come from different spectrum of the planet.


A wise person knows, sometime it is necessary to deal with the devil in order to accomplish a particular goal that will benefit all.

The Pope, just like Trump knows that people like The Judo Guy and the Kid Dick-tator are very treacherous people, Butt in order to achieve the end goal, it is necessary to break bread with them. Break bread, not sleep with them, metaphorically speaking.

Francis and Putin, who met at the Vatican Apostolic Palace, discussed “various questions of relevance to the life of the Catholic Church in Russia,” the Vatican said in a statement, adding that they also covered “the ecological question and various themes relating to current international affairs, with particular reference to Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela.”

The Pope knows the chances of converting Putin are little to none, Butt he wants to keep the door open for future communications. So goes Trump!!

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