Mixed up priorities …..

Crackdown on ‘bikini baristas’ gets appeals court’s OK: reports



It is OK in the State of Washington for assisted suicide – smoking dope and some other over the top unconventional laws, BUTT when it come to showing a little too much boob, that is where the prudish authorities draw the line.

Getting your mornin Joe with a healthy set of knockers stuck in your face may not be your thing; if not go to Mc D’s.

For the guy that is usually a grouchy bastard/ pain-in-the-ass, at work and annoys everyone; if the Hooter thing boosts his moral for a few hours, it will be a plus.

To have guide lines as to just how naked a lady can be while serving the public, would be an alternative to outlawing the service completely.

In my opinion, this exhibitionist below has gone over the top. She may give some old geaser a strike or heart attract.

Guidelines are regulations are the key. Don’t outlaw it, BUTT control it.

Loosen those tight britches folks and let the horny fools get a little thrill before hitting the sweat shop. It may be a plus for everyone he has to deal with that day.

Go do something constructive by; smoking a joint and setting up your wishes for your FINAL DAYS on earth.

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