The Boy got a lot of power …..

Nike dropped Betsy Ross-themed Fourth of July sneaker after Colin Kaepernick complained, report says

This boy Kaperdick sure has a lot of power. When he sneezes Nike gets a cold.

Nike bent over and supported him when he started the kneeling movement paying him millions to show their solidarity. Now because the anti-American fool Kaperdick does not like the design of a Betsy Ross tennis shoe that Nike came out with; just by him expressing his dissatisfaction, the tennis shoe giant is shit canning the sales of the shoe and taking it off the market. That is power!!


Anyone would have to conclude, Kaperdick has a lot of power.

I can’t help BUTT wonder if Kaperdick didn’t like where Nike’s corporate office was located, if they would move the facility. ORRR, if Kaperdick states he does not like the dress Mark Parker’s wife Kathy is wearing, does the lady go home and change it??

Hypothetical and absurd?? Absolutely yes, BUTT so is Nike for bending over (they may have even paid for the Vasoline) for this fool. It had to co$t Nike million to produce the new tennis shoe and because of a text or comment Kaperdick made, they are scrubbing the entire product. That is real power.

What does it say for a company that openly supports an anti-American athlete?? Not a hell of a lot. What does it say for the anti-American fools that continue to buy Nike products?? LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Nike or any other brand should have never taken a stand either way in this situation. Their position should be neutral and keep the dirty politics out of their business dealings.

The 1st time anyone bends over or capitulates, the rest is downhill.

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