Smart is not one of her strong suits…..

Pamela Anderson posts video, photo from hospital after alleged abuse from Adil Rami, spends birthday with ex

The Bay Watch queen is known for a couple of things and one of them is having very poor taste when it come to the opposite sex.

Guess what # 2 attribute is:


Soooo, the buxom beauty has two attributes and that is where it ends. She has a propensity of getting involved with some very shady, questionable, abusive characters over the years. The list of which is too extensive.

There definitely is a price some ladies pay for LOVING THE BAD BOYS.

Either she is an absolute weakling and a poor judge of character or has masochist tendencies?????

Is the price some of the Beautiful People pay for fame really worth it??

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1 Response to Smart is not one of her strong suits…..

  1. JCscuba says:

    I’m personally heartbroken that she isn’t still giving B.J.’s to Tommy Lee. HO

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