Bleeding hearts and PC-ness are killers ….

Austin plan to allow homeless camps faces backlash


Metaphorically speaking, to open a can of worms is to examine or attempt to solve some problem, only to inadvertently complicate it and create even more trouble. Literally speaking, opening a can of worms, as most fishermen can attest, can also mean more trouble than you bargained for.

Austin officials are facing a major backlash after a vote that would permit the city’s homeless population to sleep or camp in any public area — with few exceptions, such as City Hall.

Austin’s City Council repealed a homeless camping ban on June 20, meaning people may now sit, lie down and camp in most public places where they previously wouldn’t have legally been able to. The change went into effect Monday.

I think we are, or at least were under the assumption that the people who lead this country in any officials capacity, are highly intelligent, capable of making good decisions and HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. This assumption could not be further from the truth.

Idiotic moves like this will put Austin in the same or worse position as The City By The Bay, where bums and homeless are shitting, pissing ans camping anywhere they care to.

Folks; a very big element in any successful or reputable organization is CONTROL. Not dominance, BUTT control.

May be a poor example, BUTT look at Mexico. They allowed the drug king pins to run rampant assuming they would run out of gas and dwindle away, BUTT the direct opposite happened. Now in many locations in Mexico, the King Pins are in control.

If the fools running the government allow this unacceptable behavior to continue, it will create a landslide of other related issue that will be very hard to control after the fact. Disease and criminal activity will be on top of the list.

Commonsense, practicality and the ability to lead for the betterment of all citizens seems to have blown away like the tumble weed in the dessert.

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