There are young dummies and there are old dummies …

Faltering Biden clings to legacy of non-committal Obama, as 44’s aides give cold shoulder

the one on the left is 57 and the one on the thigh is 76

Now in all fairness to TMC (our ex-president), I don’t consider him a dummy; just a smooth talking con man that charmed his way into the presidency. The dummy is the stiff on the right that is following the same path that his old friend CHC did when she ran for The Big Love Seat and took a good shellacking.

It would be like like Jeff Dohmer using Chuck Mason for an endorsement/character reference. Some experts say that TMC was the worst person ever to occupy the office.

If this, TMC, is JJ’s (Jokin Joe) ace in the hole, I would suggest he get into a different card game. He definitely will not the the nomination, especially using TMC as his character witness.

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1 Response to There are young dummies and there are old dummies …

  1. JCscuba says:

    I consider him a divisive racist communist who needs to be hung for treason. That work for you?

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