Regardless if it is ego or what; PDT is getting the job done ..

Trump says he’s optimistic about trade deal with Chinese President Xi, in interview with Tucker Carlson

In this phony/hypocritical world we live in; there are DOERS and then there are TALKERS. PDT Donny happens to be in be behind door # 1. He definitely is a doer.

Take a look at all of his accomplishment, domestically and abroad that many other presidents stayed away from. Who in their right mind can say he is a just TALKER. Right mind is the key phrase!!

I don’t know what makes the man tick, and he probably doesn’t know either. He is a driven man, possibly much or his energy comes from his egotistical personality, possibly some comes from his commitment to the people that elected him (even the fools that didn’t), his patriotism, or a combination of many factors. Be that a it may, he is kicking ass and getting the job done.

Mind you folks; all of these accomplishments have happened in uncooperative/stressful times during his administration. How much could he accomplish for the American people if he had the support of all parties concerned???

We can say PDT is climbing Everest with 50 people on his back, BUTT he continues to climb and make progress. What if all 50 of the fools got off his back and supported him?? What a difference it would make.

What is President Trump’s approach to foreign policy?The stated aims of the foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration include a focus on security, by fighting terrorists abroad and strengthening border defenses and immigration controls; an expansion of the U.S. military; an “America First”approach to trade; and diplomacy whereby “old enemies become friends”.

I will not even mention the economy of the country:

President Trump told Tucker Carlson in an exclusive interview he is optimistic about a possible trade deal between his administration and Chinese President Xi Jinping, a potential development that sent the stock market futures soaring toward record highs early Monday.

Let the dumb-o-crats and the socialcrats argue with that. As much as these fools detest him; I have not hear one of them complain or criticize Trump about the bottom line in their bank account$.

Criticize when necessary and compliment/acknowledge if warranted!!.

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