Far-left answer to population control …..

So far, the authorities suspect this sadistic/scumbag killer of knocking off 18 people. It must be the newest concept for the far-left fools to implement population control.

Let a few dozen of the bastards roam freely and in a year or so, they possible could kill a few thousand people. As we know the far-lefters condone sheltering illegal criminals; this piece of work may be a result of their benevolent/stupidity.

Kenyan man living in the U.S. illegally who is already charged in the deaths of 12 elderly women in Texas may be behind the killings of six other elderly people, according to a set of lawsuits filed Tuesday.


Billy Chemirmir, 46, has been in custody since March 2018 when he was arrested for the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in Dallas. Last month, he was charged in the deaths of 11 other elderly women, ranging from 76 to 94 years old, according to Dallas County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Kim Leach.


I can’t help BUTT wonder, who the nutcase sympathizer was that was hid this freak out, allowing him to continue with his killing spree?? I don’t care how the space-cadet/far-lefters try to justify their illegal actions, it simply does not make sense and they are breaking the law.

For those who are not famliar with the term space-cadet:

space ca·det/spās kəˈdet/nounplural noun: space cadetsa trainee astronaut.

Door # 1; an enthusiast for space travel, typically a young person.

Door : 2 a person perceived as out of touch with reality, as though high on drugs.

I hope you chose door # 2

Fools like door # 2 are so far out of it; even if one of their family members were killed by a scumbag like this, they may be that ignorant/demented to hide the guy out in their basement.

It may be possible this degenerate had his ass spanked by his grandmother or grandfather when he was a kid and had a get-back THING for the elderly. Six of the killings were in Dallas County, independent living facility The Tradition-Prestonwood.

How many people have to be killed before any facility’s authorities become suspicious?? ORRRR, is it possible they are/were afraid of accusing this creep because they want to be politically correct?? Ignorance can be a real killer.

The nay-sayer better get on the stick and start supporting PDT in his movement to rid this country of illegals, especially the criminal element, or possibly they may be next on the list.

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  1. JCscuba says:

    Take the first step, self-extermination. Show true commitment

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