Some of the slimiest people on the planet ….

 Inside the economies of the world’s biggest megachurches

I probably have more respect for a masked man that sticks a heater (old time term for gun) in my ribs and take$ my money than some of these high-flying conman, posing as holy men/women. At least we know the gunman is a slim bag and someone to watch out for.

Many of these charlatans/so-called holy folks are nothing BUTT stick up artists hiding behind a pulpit, conning the shit out of very gullible, needy people.

Joel Olsten is not the only hustler out there, BUTT is probably one of the biggest con-men on the planet. He showed his true colors and compassion for mankind when he closed the doors to his Mega Church during a hurricane because he didn’t want to get the floors dirty.

Joel Osteen faces criticism on social media for closing Houston ……/story?id…
Aug 28, 2017 – Joel Osteen, the famed pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, is defending himself after facing criticism on social media for not offering shelter …


While many of these high flyer are scooting around in their private jets and hell-a-copters, many of their parishioners are barley scraping through life, dropping their last dollar in the basket. Do we blame the parishioners or the conman?? I say the 1st the conman then the parishioner.

Just like some desperate voters. Some parishioners are searching all of their lives for someone to show them the way. The only way some of the holy-hustlers are showing them, is the path to their bank book.

PEOPLE – if you feel the need to pray and search for guidance, you can do it from the comforts of your home or anywhere else you desire. . You don’t have to donate your hard-earned $oldi to some hustler that needs a new 200 foot yacht.

Remember; GOD helps those that help themselves.

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