So you wanna spoil your kid …..

Princeton grad, 34, faces life behind bars, convicted of killing dad who cut off his allowance

So you wanna spoil your kid; this is the payback.


A Princeton University graduate faces a possible life sentence after being convicted Friday in the fatal shooting of his 70-year-old father.

The son had been living a lavish lifestyle of golf, surfing and travel – all paid for by his parents, prosecutors said.

Thomas Gilbert Jr., now 34, was 30 years old when he became angry with his father, whom New York authorities said had made cuts to the son’s weekly allowance of as much as $1,000.

Beginning in 2014, the father began reducing the weekly payments by hundreds of dollars at a time – in hopes of inspiring the son to become more self-reliant. After making another reduction Jan. 4, 2015, the son shot his father in the head in the father’s New York City apartment, prosecutors said.

The old man did not bend the tree when it was young. As the tree (brat) grew older it (he) became stronger and became impossible to manage. What do brats do when they do not get their way after being spoiled for years, naturally, they kill their parents or parents.

The infamous Menendez Brats are another prime example of spoiled, pampered brats who didn’t get their way, they wanted more, the parents took a stand and the sons-a-bitches shot-gunned both their mother and father to death.

Their defense conjured up by their devious attorney; they claimed their dead father, who was not able to speak in his defense, sexually molested them years back. What a despicable bitch.

What is the moral to these sad stories? Be a parent 1st and not an enabling, over-indulging parent. You may be signing your own death certificate.

Make your brats eat a little liver in their life; they may appreciate the surf and turf a little more. Believe me; you will be doing them a favor.

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