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Trump-Xi meeting at G-20 ‘went better than expected,’ US president says

For as long as I can remember; the country always talked about putting a business man, a negotiator, a wheeler dealer in the Big Chair instead of a politician to get the country in order. Well against all odds, a bet Vegas was even hesitant in taking, it finally happened in the year 2016.

Not only does the Man in The Chair have all of the above mentioned attributes (in all fairness and lot of hang ups too) he also has a giant set of balls.

Let me impart a little tit-nit of information to those in the dark as so what makes a great leader. Someone that does lose any sleep over not being popular. Someone that does their job the way it should be done, take good advice when necessary, BUTT in the long-run, takes the bull by the horns and gets the job done the correct way, which is not always necessarily the popular way.

If you are worried about being popular, go learn to play a guitar and become a rock star. If you are worried about satisfying everyone, go to chef’s school and become a gourmet cook.

Being a great leader s like being a great parent. Great parents will do whatever is necessary for their kids to lead them down the right path in life. Not all of the decisions the parent make will be satisfactory to the kid; BUTT like Cod-liver-oil, it may not taste good BUTT it is very healthy for the kid.

Great parent should \never be concerned whether their kids like them or not. Be the parent 1st and the friend 2nd. There are issues that present themselves that need to be dealt with, with an iron hand. Be a good parent first, doing whatever it takes. If it is acceptable with Johnny or Janie, fine, if not, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

ANDDDD, just like in PDT situation; sooner or later, if the parents sticks to their guns and does not cave in, the kids (politicians) as the mature will see the wisdom in the parents (PDT’s) decision making.

If a person does not want to rock the boat and live a very sheltered life, the should consider monk-hood or a cloistered nun.

What does it mean to be a cloistered nun?

1 : being or living in or as if in a cloister cloistered nuns. 2 : providing shelter from contact with the outside world the cloistered atmosphere of a small college the cloistered life of the monastery. Another words, shut away from humanity.

Getting the job done:

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping‘s face-to-face meeting on traderelations in Osaka, Japan, on Saturday “went better than expected,” Trump said after the talks.

Trump described the meeting as “excellent” and said the U.S. and China were “back on track” in trade talks but added that “negotiations are continuing.” He told reporters he would announce the results of the talks at a news conference later Saturday.

Without Trump at the helm, the USA would continue to be a very obsequious, a very abused country and the door mat of the world.

The Ship of Fools and the Boulder Rollers; if they have any honesty, common-sense/G-2 what-so-ever in their negative bodies, they will eventually see and have to admit the wisdom in what PDT is doing and possible, some of The Fools may abandon ship and come to his side. It may be happening already.

In a nutshell; what is more important, being popular or getting the job done?? Being a good parent/ a good leader or being popular.

Fine example: TMC was and still is popular. Does that tell the tale???


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