We we thought we heard it all ….

Parents of Houston infant who died with 96 bone fractures charged in her death: police

Check out these two pathetic specimens of reprobate. Scum of the earth, lower than whale shit, doesn’t even begin to describe this degenerate pair.

Scum of the earth, lower than whale shit, doesn’t even begin to describe this degenerate pair.

The parents ( the word parent should not be soiled when describing these two son of a bitch child killers) of a 10-week-old Houston baby were arrested this week after an autopsy revealed their daughter had suffered more than 90 fractures and a cracked skull after she was brought home from the hospital last summer, police said.

Jazmine Robin, who was born prematurely, died on July 15, prosecutors said Monday. Her father, Jason Paul Robin, 24, is charged with murder. Her mother, Katharine Wyndham White, 21, is charged with injury to a child by omission.

The only fitting punishment for them is to suffer the same death they inflicted on their daughter.

Detectives were called to a Houston hospital in July after staff found “clearly inflicted head trauma,” according to a Houston police affidavit. An autopsy completed in May determined that the girl’s death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head. The child suffered multiple fractures to several ribs — 71 rib fractures in all — and 23 “long bone” breaks.

94 bone fractures in all. This poor little child had to be beaten for month to have all of those injuries.

I hope these two scum suffer the most excruciating death possible.

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