Talk about falling into a barrel and coming out smelling like a princess …..

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry spend $3M of taxpayers’ cash on Frogmore Cottage refurb: report


It must be nice to spend other people money with impunity. I am sure that Harry has an abundance of British pound$ tucked away somewhere that he should not have to use public money to refurbish his digs for him and his bride.

The way I see that; Harry and his bride have total disregard for the taxpayer in the UK. According to reports, Harry and crew, part of the British royal family, their total fortune was worth an estimated $88 billion as of 2017, according to a report cited in Forbes.May 6, 2019. That ain’t chump change.

Soooo; if Harry has a big chunk of the 88 billion; the 3 million for remodeling should come out of his coffers.

The problem with people like them can be explained in one word; ENTITLEMENT. They think they have it coming. They are so used to being fed with a golden spoon, eating with a good old copper spoon is beneath them.

Did she ever fall into a barrel …. This lady knew exactly what she was doing from day one. If Harry was a common construction worker, would she have given him a second look?? I doubt it.

Must be nice.

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