Master strategist ….

North Korea leader receives ‘excellent’ letter from Trump

There are some fools out there;

that want everyone to believe PDT admires/holds in high regard The Kid Dick-tator and approves of his brutality, how he rules/dominates his country. ABSOLUTELY DEAD WRONG!! PDT is a master strategist and is playing The Kid like a Stradivarius violin.

I happen to agree with PDT’s wisdom. The Kid will never change the way he rules, BUTT he might, if stoked properly, may agree to an an arms deal, IF he can come to terms without losing face. Very big in their oriental culture.

What PDT is doing to him, stroking him like a Championship Palomino. In my opinion PDT detests The Kid, BUTT for the sake of trying to get North Korea under control with their missiles capabilities and disarm the country, Trump is doing the right thing trying to win The Kid over. All the hand shaking, smiling and back-slapping are being done purposeful.

It is gratifying to see that PDT did not fly off the handle with the Iran shooting down our drone and is taking time to analyze the situation. Trump is becoming more presidential and possibly starting to listen to the advice of his advisers.

Don’t sell Donny short.

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