All that glitters is not gold …

Billionaire donates $189M to study artificial intelligence

LONDON (AP) — An American billionaire has given Oxford University 150 million pounds ($188.6 million) for a new institute that will study the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and its vast potential to change society as we know it.

The donation from Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of the private equity firm Blackstone, will also fund a center to house all of the university’s humanities subjects in a single space to encourage collaborative study. The idea is to bring together those working on projects that make life worth living with those trying to make sure that the technology of the future works for the interest of society.

Mr. Schwarzman and people like him who promote and tout artificial intelligence may come home someday and find Robby The Robot in bed with their partner. It is most probably happening today with some freaks.

In his words, the advancement comes with minuses as well as pluses. They can be an enormous force for good,” Schwarzman told The Associated Press. “But on the downside it can lead to high unemployment. It could destabilize society if it happens too fast.”

If ANY invention does not serve mankind in a positive way; should it be considered a step forward or a step backwards?? I will take door # 2.

Technology Has Already Taken Over 90% Of The Jobs Humans Used ……/technology-has-already-taken-over-90-of-the-jobs-humans…

Jan 18, 2018 – What would happen if humans lost 50% of all the jobs in the world to robots? … buggy whips, raising horses and scooping up their excrement off the city streets. … caused by new technology can be the root cause of global conflict. … as many people now to move freight as it did in 1947, we would need well ..

Tell me, where are we ahead?? If mankind continues down this path; in 20 years or less there will be no jobs left for a human to perform.

I have a good friend in the construction business. He told me, 15 years ago or there about, he use to have 50 people on a major construction project, now he does the same amount of work with 8 – 10 people. Good for the contractor, not so good for the labor force.

Here I am again, stating that in MANY areas, mankind was better off socially, economically and in the morality department 30 years ago than we are today.

Advancements in medicine are the most advantageous for everyone concerned, BUTT developing a robot that puts 50 people out of a job, that is taking us in reverse.

Be-careful what we wish for. All that glitters is not gold!!

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