Tough one to call ….

Navy won’t drop murder charges against SEAL Edward Gallagher despite bombshell testimony

Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, a SEAL Team Seven medic, testifying for the prosecution under an immunity agreement, told the court that he held his “thumb over his TT tube until he quit breathing,” admitting that he asphyxiated the captive, despite saying that he saw Gallagher stab the boy in his neck.

When cross-examined by the defense, Scott said he killed the fighter because he knew “he was going to die anyways.”

“I wanted to save him from what was going to happen to him next,” Scott said, referring to alleged torture by Iraqi captors.


I usually side with the defendant in these cases, BUTT there is something here that is not right.

How could Gallagher be 100% sure that Iraqi soldiers would kill the kid.

In combat situations there has to be split second decisions made in order to survive. This may have been one of them??? I always hate to see when one of our own is convicted of a war crime of killing the enemy while defending our country.

Gallagher served nine months in prison awaiting trial in the fatal stabbing of the 15-year old ISIS fighter in Iraq in 2017. He has also been accused of shooting two civilians in the same year, and opening fire on crowds, all claims he has vociferously denied.

This is a tough one to decide on. In this case, it seems that Gallagher had a propensity for killing. Like some of the rogue cops we have in this country. If that is the case; he must pay the price for his actions.

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