Can’t let them off the hook ..

US calls off retaliatory strikes against Iranian targets in last minute, source says

They wanna play; they gotta pay!!! No aggressive response is like giving the Iranians permission to continue their attacks.

How in their right mind wants war?? The question answers itself. BUTT if pushed into a corner, the attackee has to retaliate by kicking the attacker square in the nuts or suffer further consequences.


I am glad to see that PDT is keeping a cool head. He said; Trump told reporters that Iran made a “very big mistake” but also said he had the feeling that it might have been the result of someone being “loose and stupid,” rather than a deliberate provocation by Iran.

Discretion is always the better par of valor. If in fact some renegade Iranian pushed the button accidentally or on purpose; their guilt should be made public and their execution should be shown in TV around the world. An attack like this could conceivably been the catalyst and the beginning of WW III. The act of war can not and should not go unpunished.

If not and the government was behind the attack; they should pay in kind!!

What happens when a kid in the school yard continually get slapped around by a bully. The bully kick his ass everyday. What happens after the kid get a base ball bat an breaks one of the bully’s knees. # 1 the bully would be able to walk normally for a long time – # 2 the bully never slaps the kid around again. In this situation, Iran is the bully and needs their knees broke, if it is the government that was behind the attack.

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