One of the downsides of so called modern technology …

Florida city to pay $600G in ransom to hackers in effort to save records

I would give up all the electronic technology, cell phone, computers and the like to go back to simpler times.

It is very hard to explain to someone that has not, BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT, the way society/mankind used to be, before the advent of the supposed advances in digital technology that seems to have gone haywire. Times were simpler and less complicated times. Believe it or not; people were happier; people made conversations with one another. A hacker was someone with a bad cough.

It is a shame that so many advances turned sour and are used for criminal or nefarious purposes. Are they really advancement or progress if there are so many down-sides to them?? Not in my opinion.

These are a few example:

17 Digital Technology Disadvantages

  1. Data Security
  2. Crime and Terrorism
  3. Complexity
  4. Privacy Concerns
  5. Social Disconnect
  6. Work Overload
  7. Digital Media Manipulation
  8. Job Insecurity
  9. Plagiarism and Copyright
  10. Anonymity and Fake Personas
  11. Over-reliance on Gadgets
  12. Addiction
  13. Second-hand Living
  14. Organization and Storage
  15. Depersonalized Warfare
  16. Longevity
  17. Social Depersonalization

Plus a couple hundred they missed.

Look at how the computer age has permitted sex oriented material and practices to flourish on the internet. No one can convince me that all of this leniency has not opened the door to masses of sexual offenses and resurrected/awakened the demented minds of many sexual perverts.

It would be an interesting question to ask some of the victims; if they would rather revert back to simpler times, if their attacks or situations would have never happened. The answer should be easy.

One of the most disastrous/long lasting side affects of going modern; it is destroying mankind’s ability to think for themselves. Who or what is really solving a problem or answering a questions; the computer or the person using it??

I am an advocate of; no computers should be allowed in any class rooms until at least high school or college. Who is really solving the problems, the computer or the kids using it?? Simple answer.

Even more significant; the computer/cell phone age has created masses of zombie like people that do not have the ability to communicate verbally or calculate number if their computer goes out.

An advancement is not an advancement if it has so many negative results.

Is technology really making progress when someone invents a machine or process that put thousands of people out of work??

I know, I sound like a parrot. I will stand fast on; give me the old days when they were simpler times.

If you have an opinion, send me text later.

Just in:

Hackers can take over heart devices, DHS warns

Apr. 01, 2019 – 3:55 – Homeland Security warns hackers can take over heart devices. What do you need to know? Dr. Audie Liametz explains.


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