I know many people are fools, BUTT ……

House hearing on reparations for slavery is set for first time in more than a decade


My 1st reaction on the ridiculous subject is; you gotta be shitting me AGAIN!!!

Cut and dry. I would love to AXE each and everyone that is looking for this free-handout called reparation, if they would be responsible if one of their relatives was an AXE murderer, terrorist, bank robber, pedophile or even a worthless politician, ANY FOOLS KNOWS THE ONLY ANSWER.

Is the House of Representatives that caught up on all of the dilemmas that plague this country that they can waste taxpayers money and time by getting involved in a matter that should have been closed 150 years ago.

Did this atrocities actually happen – should they not have happened? Absolutely YES, BUTT we can not change history. Most important; no one on this planet is responsible for what someone else does or doesn’t do.

HMFT do I have to stand on my soap box and scream, no one is responsible for someone else actions, good or bad.

WTF is the matter with you fools – are you all deef and dumb???
Reparations my assgo get a job

GMAGFB House fools and put your lame ass to the grind stone and concentrate on something of importance and meaningful that will benefit all the Americans, not just a chosen few parasites that want a free payday!!.

Reparation is an old god-damn horse that has been beat so many times it is pathetic.



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