The only solution politicians have ….


Loony Left: Kamala Harris and the estate tax

Democratic 2020 hopeful (I call her a joke, not hopeful) Kamala Harris wants to raise the estate tax to help boost pay to teachers.

It has always been confounding to me the ineptness of politicians. Every-time they have a financial situation to deal with; their only answer to correcting the problem is to raise taxes. NOT controlling spending and waste, BUTT raise taxes.

If you are interested and have the time, read the following on government waste, pork barrel projects and how they squander the taxpayers money. Now they want to add insult to injury by raising tax again.

pork bar·rel/ˈpôrk ˌberəl/nounINFORMAL

  1. the use of government funds for projects designed to please voters or legislators and win votes.”political pork barrel for the benefit of their respective sponsors”

All about getting the votes folks!!

Do we ever see the DC Dudes suggest they take a pay cut and back off of some of their perks that cost the government billions?? Hell no.

Another article on the perks the stick-up artists get for zero.

They are all disgraceful!!

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