Where do some of these cities recruit their cops???

Phoenix mayor apologizes after video shows police pointing gun on parents of 4-year-old who took doll

Are these fools (the rogue cops) who wear the blue, recruited from a psycho wad?? Are they not trained to conduct themselves in a professional, safe manner to protect the citizens instead of victimizing them?


I really do not know what the answer is. These over the top scenarios with rogue cops has become an epidemic in this country, and they wonder why the public is fearful of them.

We would think by now; with all of the abuse by the blue going on out there, they should have got the message by now.

This little 4 year old girl is not John Dillinger or some hardened criminal that her parents had to be treated like that.

The cities and judicial system has to prosecute these cowboy cops to the fullest extent of the law in order to get the message across, this is not Dodge City.

I hope the parents lawsuit pays off huge for them.

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