Gotta $ell paper$ ……

Trey Gowdy: Media part of effort to keep Russia story alive

Former U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy called out the media Friday for continuing to cover some Democrats’ calls for the impeachment of President Trump.

“I hope you, even you, have realized now that duplicity and relativism with which Republicans are covered versus Democrats,” Gowdy told “Hannity” guest host Jason Chaffetz.

Gotta sell papers. If all of this nonsense about impeaching PDT was not staring us in the kisser everyday, in the minds of the mud-slingers, it would be boring news.

No one like to read anything about positive situations or developments. It is sad BUTT true; human nature thrives on others misery. The more something is sensationalized, criminalized, exaggerated, the more newspapers the news media sells.

EXTRA – EXTRA – READ ALL ABOUT IT. The word on the street is; CHC and Wild Bill are going to have another baby. They always wanted a playmate for Chelsea.

You heard it first here folks.

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