Pampered Prince ……

CNN’s Chris Cuomo denies Clinton campaign accepted foreign dirt on Trump, says there isn’t ‘any proof’

What credibility does The Pampered Privileged Prince really have. He comes from a long line of SPOON FEED; the upper-class kids whose family has been on the governments payroll, one way or another all their lives.

His father, the very liberal Mario Cuomo was the governor of New York for 11 years. He started out in politics in the early 70’s. He was married for in 1954 and had five kids. We have to assume that all of the kids were brought up under PRIVILEGE status.

The apple did not fall far from the tree with his kids.


The Cuomo family is an American political familyMario Cuomo and his son Andrew Cuomo both have served as governor of New York.

Mario Cuomo’s parents, Andrea and Immacolata Cuomo, both emigrated to the United States from Italy. Andrea emigrated in 1926 and Immacolata immigrated in 1927.[1]

Maria Cuomo Cole, producer of social impact films at Cuomo Cole Prods, Chairman of Help USA. Daughter of Mario Cuomo, married Kenneth Cole, a well-known New York fashion designer.

Mario Cuomo’s daughter Margaret I. Cuomo is a medical doctor.

From 1990 to 2003, Andrew Cuomo was married to Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Skakel.[4] Cuomo and Kennedy divorced, and Cuomo currently is dating Food Network host Sandra Lee.[5][6]

As we can see by their resume, none of them ever stood in a brad line waiting for hand-outs. They are, as they should be, a proud Italian family.

BUTT with privilege, many times comes a degree of arrogance and feeling of self-importance. By some of what I gave heard Chris Cuomo say thorough, the years, he fits that category to a “T”.

Now he is sticking his privilege neck out for CHC, saying she was not on the dirty end of the 2016 presidential race. GMAFB Christopher. She was so dirty, she had to take daily showers in a car wash.


We all know the old cliche between crooks/politicians (same thing); YOU LIE AND I WILL SWEAR TO IT!! That fits CHC and Cuomo like a lambs wool glove.

I will go so far as to say; CHC wanted the presidency so bad, she would have sacrificed a family member if she was guaranteed the win. She would have and probably did, accept dirt from any source she could get it from.

What crushed/demolished CHC and her crew in was arrogance and being overly confident.

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