Abortions may be available at your local butcher shop …

Fox News

Maine governor signs abortion bill allowing non-doctors to perform procedure

Maine’s Democratic governor signed an abortion bill into law on Monday that allows medical professionals who are not doctors to perform the procedure.

Whats next?? Going to your local butcher, ordering a half pound of horse cock (military slang for baloney) and an abortion??

In most states, only physicians perform abortions, but Maine is now set to allow nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified nurse-midwives to provide abortion medication and perform in-clinic abortions.

This may be just a rumor. I heard through one of CNN sources; in some states they are considering giving abortions in a setting like a drive in restaurant where the abortionist/ carhop comes to the car and performs that task while the customer enjoys their triple decker burger with fires.

How can something as delicate and critical as an abortion be taken so lightly??

And some nut jobs say the fetus in not human!!

Take a good look; if not human, WHAT??

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