Stupidity 101 ….

California Dems agree to full health benefits for many low-income illegal immigrants, in swipe at Trump

Jim Breslo: When will Californians come first?

Attorney and host of the ‘Hidden Truth Show’ podcast Jim Breslo says California politicians can learn a thing or two from President Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan.

I could not have said it better myself. Don’t these fools know the meaning of self-preservation and charity begins at home. Are they a bunch of masochists that love to be abused?? When will they understand that the USA can not be the caretaker for everyone in the world??

Is being benevolent a great characteristic?? Absolutely yes, BUTT only after YOURS are taken care of.

Intelligent people, people with common-sense do not neglect their own to take care of others first.

State officials have estimated the benefits would be available to about 90,000 low-income illegal immigrants at a cost of $98 million per year.

In a stance to distance itself from President Trump’s administration, California is set to become the first state in the country to pay for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to have full health benefits.

Under an agreement between Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats in the state legislature, low-income adults between the ages of 19 and 25 living in California illegally would be eligible for California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal. The deal emerged as part of a broader $213 billion budget.

Generosity is a beautiful thing; if you can afford it BUTT. As of April 2018, the state of California admit to be  $1.3 trillion in debt. Some studies believe it to be more. Indeed, one study says it is actually $2.3 trillion and a recent Hoover Institute stated that there is over $1 trillion in pension liability alone, or $76,884 per household.

How can is the phrase of the day. How can any institution give away billions of dollars when they are trillion in debt?? What ever happened to 2 + 2 = 4???

This practice of squandering money is not only prevalent in La La Land, it is an epidemic throughout politics. It doesn’t seem that anyone can control government sending. When these fools get elected, they are given a suitcase full of blank checks to do with as they see fit. No one can control them.

What was one of the first things a GOOD parent taught their kid. Be sufficient. Never borrow money and if you are forced to, pay it back immediately. Common-sense 101.

I find it very hard to believe that ALL the citizens of California are signatory to all the shots this lame-brained governor is pulling. Someone has to put the breaks on this guy.

Anyone that can look at the nation debt real time clock and not puke their guts out, they have their head where the sun doesn’t shine.

Newsome is just another socio-democrate, a new crew member on the Ship of Fools that is trying to destroy this country.


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