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Tuskegee Airman recounts experience in World War II and the struggles faced by first African-American pilots

It is disgraceful the twisted-mentality of that some of society had/has against the very patriot black American men that put their lives on the line for our country but were looked down on as they were.

The toll included 68 pilots killed in action or accidents, 12 killed in training and non-combat missions and 32 captured as prisoners of war. The Tuskegee Airmen werecredited by higher commands with the following accomplishments: 1578 combat missions, 1267 for the Twelfth Air Force; 311 for the Fifteenth Air Force.


Lt. Col. Stewart told host Steve Doocy on Friday morning the tale of his first mission with the U.S. Army – a “huge armada” of 500 B-24 and B-17 bombers traveling from Italy to northern Europe. African-American pilots were allowed to fight for the first time in World War II under the condition that they trained in a segregated unit, dubbed the Tuskegee Airmen.

“It was really rare because just before then, African-Americans were not accepted for pilot training into the Army Air Corps,” said Lt. Col. Stewart, who dreamed of being a pilot since he was 18.

These men put their lives on the line and fought bravely for their country, while many white Americans were going to Canada or burning the draft cards. They should be honored and respected.


The Tuskegee Airmen /tʌsˈkiːɡiː/[1] were a group of African-American military pilots (fighter and bomber) who fought in World War II. They formed the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Forces. The name also applies to the navigators, bombardiers, mechanics, instructors, crew chiefs, nurses, cooks and other support personnel.

All black military pilots who trained in the United States trained at Moton Field, the Tuskegee Army Air Field and were educated at Tuskegee University, located near Tuskegee, Alabama. The group included five Haitians from the Haitian Air Force, and one pilot from Trinidad.[2] It also included a Hispanic or Latino airman born in the Dominican Republic.[3]

Racism in-it-self is a poison that never should have surfaced it’s ugly head. We all bleed the same.

Since WW II, depending on who we talk to, racism hasn’t made many significant advances. It is still a poisonous infection in some fools perception that will never change.

Even in the 50’s when I was at Camp Lejeune, the black Marines were not allowed to go on liberty in the same part of town as the whites were. The had to go on the OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS. I thought that was disregardful. They could go to combat and get killed like the white Marines, butt were restricted from certain activities because of their skin color.

Racism is just one of the many issues that plague our society. It got into full swing when some greedy bastards slave traders, white and black sold them as slaves.

Can racism ever be turned around?? As we see it today I don’t think so. The only time I see any light at the end of the tunnel, is through interracial hook-ups, when the two races will become one. BUTT even then, I do not see 100% tranquility.

I don’t give a shit what color a persons skin is. I have had some very nasty experiences with some honkies and have had some very pleasant experiences with some black people. People are people and all should be treated with respect; BUTT ONLY IF THE EARN IT AND DESERVE IT.

In my opinion, there are many people in the black community that DO NOT want racial harmony. They keep stirring the hatred shit pot to keep the dead presidents coming their way.

We all know who they are. They don’t preach EDUCATION, they preach hatred.

As I have stated many times before. If society on the whole is too ignorant to put out the racial fires for themselves; let us think of the future generations. Do we want them to be subjected to the same conditions that exist today??


Remember; we do not have to like everyone and everyone does not have to like us. The ONLY thing that is necessary for racial harmony is RESPECT.

Listen the Aretha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdCll9n1G6Q

Think about this. I know many white people that claim they hate black people, BUTT the hypocrites make an exception to some black celebrities, especially black athletes. NOWWWWWWW, either you hate blacks or you don’t. What their status in life is should not matter??

One example: Who in their right mind can throw stones at an outstanding man like Dr. Ben??


Ben Carson United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr. is an American politician, author and former neurosurgeon serving as the 17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development since 2017, under the Trump Administration.WikipediaBorn: September 18, 1951 (age 67 years), Detroit, MISpouseCandy Carson (m. 1975)MoviesStuck on YouEducationUniversity of Michigan Medical School (1973–1977), MOREChildrenRhoeyce CarsonMurray CarsonBen Carson Jr.

There are a lot of IFFFFF’s on all sides of the issue involved with ending racism. If the black community on the whole admits they have a severe crime rate problem and take the steps to correct it – if they bring back the family unity – if they (as Bill Cosby said) quit blaming the white man for their short comings, take their responsibility, – if they are willing to set aside (not forget) the past and focus on the future, we can not change the past, BUTT we can control the future and a few more IF’s, ending racism is possible.


Last BUTT not least, the white community has to put forth the same effort. This is not a one way street.

Realistically, as I see it, there are too many IF’s and not enough people willing to go that extra mile. Racism seems to be ingrained in American society.

Just think of how many good black Americans there are just like the Tuskegee Airmen that have made a difference in our society. Given the chance, I am sure there are many more that want to make a better life for their people, if given the opportunity.

Racism is like cancer. Left unattended/ignored, it slowly spreads until it kills every other cell around it.


I don’t know about anyone else, BUTT I would like to see future generations grow up under more harmonious conditions.

We don’t have to like one another, just respect. Don’t be an ignorant, selfish fool and hopefully others will follow.

Hats off to The Tuskegee Airmen; they are national heroes.

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