What kind of weed is this ambulance chaser smoking …..

Lawyers for officer who shot, killed Minnesota woman ask for unusual sentence


I don’t care if this gun happy cop was officer of the year 10 years running. Why the hell should he be given special consideration when it comes to his sentencing for the unnecessary killing of this young lady ??

Attorneys for a Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder after he shot and killed an unarmed woman who had called 911 asked a judge Thursday to forgo a prison sentence in lieu of an unusual arrangement: they propose he’d report to jail for a week each year on the woman’s birthday and the anniversary of her death.

“This sentence honors the memory of Ms. Rusczcyk and allows Mr. Noor to continue to serve the city,” Mohamed Noor’s defense attorneys, Thomas Plunkett and Peter Wold, wrote in their motion ahead of the sentencing scheduled for Friday in the murder of Justine Ruszczyk Damond. “Just as importantly, it mandates that Mr. Noor will continue to consider his action and the great loss they caused.”

Noor shot Damond when she approached his squad car with his partner in it as they were parked in the alley behind her home. The officers said they heard a loud bang and saw Damond raise her hands on the partner’s side of the car before Noor fired his weapon.

I am not dismissing the fact that cops have a very dangerous, responsible and sometimes thankless job, BUTT they are supposed to be well trained professionals and not gun-slingers.

Noor’s mouth piece/ambulance chaser must be smoking some cheap crack to suggest the cop only be in jail one week a year on his victims birthday. Why not give him and all expense paid vacation to Dubai in a 5,000$ a night suite??

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