Hablar en un idioma que entiendan $$$$$

Mexico deploys military to curb migration, offers concessions: report

It has always been a contention of mine to speak in a language people understand – fight violence with greater violence and deal with people on their level to get the message across loud and clear. Chinese people can not understand Hungarian, we have to speak Chinese to a China-man.

By the USA trying to communicate in a PC manner, not wanting to hurt someones feelings that is deliberately trying to hurt or injure us, they mistake our kindness and compassion for stupidity. We must deal with them on a level they understand.

The USA has been very conciliatory to Mexico over the years, so much so our southern neighbors take our generosity for granted. They think the USA is stupid. Guess what, they are 100% right. We have been walking on eggs not to upset the relationship between the two countries, BUTT it has been a 90 – 10 deal, with the USA being the 90 per-center.

Now we have a president with some balls that knows how to get our point across, through their bank book$. As we can see , this is what they understand.

If PDT did not put the $$$ hammer on them, they still would not have made a move assisting us to keep unwanted people out of our country.


Gotta take the bull by the horns – speak in a language they understand – cut all the PC bull-shit out and get down to business.


Folks; we can’t ever put out a raging forest fire by just pissing on it.

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