Even the Wacky Tabacci girl has got a heart …..

AOC leads surprising chorus of Trump haters blasting plan to put Manafort in infamous jail

Someone has a giant hard-on for Manafort or he would not be going to Rikers Island, home to some of the most hardened criminals in the country. Even Occasio smell a rat in the wood pile.


Hardened criminals/inmates love to gain CREDS by beating or killing well-known celebs that are sent to the facility they are in. Many of them are doing life, SOOOO, if they kill someone, what more of a punishment can they be given??.

Even The Teflon Don had to hire the Hells Angles to protect him when he was in the can. He was getting beat every time he turned around.

Some people may say; what goes around, comes around.

Manafort better start shopping for protection ASAP.

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