The ambulance chasers gotta get more creative …..

College admissions scandal: Parents say payments to ringleader weren’t bribes

Aaron Katz, an attorney for Elizabeth Henriquez, a mother from Atherton, California accused of paying bribes of $400,000 to get her two children into college, told the judge that prosecutors may have spoken to other parents who paid Singer but have not been charged. 

“They told the government (that) Rick Singer told them that their money was going to go to athletic programs or schools, not to bribes.


The next excuse or bull-shit story they will come up with has been used with greater frequency. It started with the scum-bag Menendez Brother that killed their parents. One of their claims of why they brutally slaughtered their mother and farther, was that their father molested them when they were kids.

After they set the tone, everybody and their uncle that was caught with their hand in a cookie jar or up some women’s skirt, claimed they were driven to their crime because they were molested years back,


That will be next in the college scam.

A pay-off, is a pay-off, is a pay-off regardless of what label they want to put on it. If it smells like a pay off – looks like a pay-off, regardless of where the $oldi is going to wind up, it is a pay-off.

These ambulance chasers have to come up with some new material. The molestation thing is getting old.

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