Just like immigration ….

San Francisco is resisting 5G, calling it ‘ugly’ and ‘dangerous’

Just like with immigration. All of the heavy hitters want to release millions of them into our country, BUTT none of them want to suffer the pain of dealing with them.

In Upper Cole Valley, a San Francisco community, residents objected to the 5G equipment almost immediately. These objections include networking equipment that some residents deem “ugly” because it doesn’t comport with local aesthetic standards, according to a complaint from a group of Upper Cole Valley residents, as cited in a CityLab report.

They all want to best and fastest internet service, BUTT none of the special people want to deal with the equipment in THEIR backyards. Just like the fall out of immigration, as long as it is in someone else backyard, it is OK.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: If the special people do not want the equipment in the yard, they should be denied the advanced internet service/connection.

Typical for the CHOSEN FEW; as long as an inconvenience does not affect their life-style, putting it on the little guy is OK with them.


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