Chunky David gave The Monster Goliath a good ass whipping …


Weights: Anthony Joshua 247¾, Andy Ruiz Jr 268 – Bad Left Hook…/joshua-vs-ruiz-weigh-in-results-anthony-247-andy-2

In the fight game, it takes a lot more than just punching power to win the fight. If the combatants do not have the heart, soul, burning desire, their fists will never get the the “V” for victory. Desire and hunger are paramount for a win.

If a person does not have the:


Andy Ruiz Jr., right, stunned Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden. From what I saw, Joshua virtually quit by not wanting to continue the fight. That is not champion material. He did not have the heart, soul, burning desire, to win.

If the two men fight again, it may be an entirely different outcome, BUTT for now, Ruiz in the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the world. Much deserved.

Who did Joshua really fight to get a 22-0 record?? It is a common practice in the fight game; in order to build up a new comers record, they are matched against inferior opponents so their numbers look good. That MAY be the case with Joshua.

It has been my contention thru life; if I am forced into an altercation, I am going to nail the little guy as hard as I nail the big brute. We can’t ever tell a book by its cover. There are some very exceptional bad assed little guys in this world. On the other side of the coin, there are some real big pussies that only look impressive. I have seen many of the much smaller the under-dogs come out on top.

If forced into an fist-a-cuffs, do what you have to, do it well and do it quickly. Don’t ever take any opponent for granted. AXE Anthony Joshua if he misread Ruiz.

The only rule in war/fight/altercation is winning.

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