Bet Bette has to be smokin some funny stuff …

Bette Midler blasted for tweeting fake Trump quote bashing Republicans, Fox News

When instigating/insecure fools want to stir the pot, they have to make up fake news or start a rumor to get attention. That is just what motor mouth Midler did to get a little attention.


She posted this fake news on social media:

The meme’s attention prompted ‘People’ to issue a statement saying they had searched their records but “did not find anything remotely like this quote – and no Trump interview in 1998.”

How pathetic can some people be?? I guess fools have no foundries. Take a look at this QUEEN and tell me she has the right to bust anyone’s balls.

Bet Bette isn’t getting much ink lately and is trying to spark-up a little attention.

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